Finedon ward more information and more information kidney centre Finedon ward Buy Pandora Pandora Bracelets Sale and kidney centre Our non clinical services and departmentsthe kidney centre has its own dedicated facilities for in patient and day case care in single sex rooms.You will have 14 in patient beds and 4 day case beds.There are actually 10 single rooms, each utilizing its own bathroom.You can discover 2 four bedded bays,(One for male those and one for female person).There is either cereal and bread at breakfast times.Each patient will be presented a card to select their lunch and dinner choice for the next day.Vegetarian selections could be found and special religious, cultural or vegan meals out there on request.Visitors can bring in food and drink for you as long as it can be stored safely on the ward and doesn't need any cooking, hvac or refrigeration.Right foods include fruit, cookies, christmas traditional christmas crackers, crisps in addition to the confectionery.If you are having a surgical procedure or special test, any visitors should check with your nurse about bringing in snacks for you.The sufferer phone/tv/radio/internet system is available by each bedside.Each patient has a dedicated line with an individual number, which can receive outgoing and incoming calls including global calls.Credit vouchers to use the system may be purchased in a medical facility, and advisors are on hand seven days a week to provide assistance if needed.Is there anything i needn't bring with me?Flowers and plants are not allowed on the wards due to potential risk of infection.What should i do when i reach the ward?Please wash your hands using soapy water or the gel provided before entering the ward.Gel is found in dispensers outside and inside the doors to the ward.